Put the cream on the stove until it begins boiling. Cut the chocolate block into little pieces and add them into the cream, mix them together and melt the chocolate. Put the ganache into a cream injector and let it get cool. Except for sugar and cream tartar, mix all the ingredients well. At the same time, begin mixing egg and cream tartar (until it gets snow white). Add the sugar to the mixture slowly and continue to stir. Put in the dry ingredients and mix them with a wooden spoon. Put the dough into the cream injector. Lay the oil paper onto your tray and make pieces like cookies. (PS: when you hit the tray below, there will be bubbles in your macaron pieces. These bubbles will make it possible for the macarons to burst) After making little pieces out of your dough, cook them for 10 minutes in 160 degrees pre-heated oven. After cooking, take the macarons out of tray and let them cool. In the end, spray the cream between two macarons like a sandwich.

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